Clients Deserve More.

From its foundation, Jackson LeRoy was built differently, on the basic principle that clients deserve more. So, we built a company committed to delivering just that. A company that believes, at its very core, that we exist to serve clients and enhance lives through building and renovating the physical edifices we call home.

Building for discerning clients who expect fine craftsmanship is the nature of our work. We believe the best experience is the one that allows the extraordinary to emerge. For this reason, we are gracious and diligent in our approach yet flexible in our understanding of the environment in which we work and the nature of our service. We are smart and strategically driven managers, exploring our clients’ needs with an experienced perspective to help solve their toughest challenges. We seek to create a sincere kinship with all who are involved. We succeed by doing what’s right for the client, as well as their home.

We practice something more than the mere construction of a home.

While every home we build is uniquely different, each receives the same degree of precision, dedication, and enthusiasm. Our approach is proven. Our commitment is to build and renovate homes that matter — to clients, to our environment, and to the community.


At Jackson LeRoy, our role is not to simply build a house. We are here to orchestrate the movement of every design detail, craftsman, and material, so that you may enjoy the transformation of your new home. Whether you are building from the ground up or renovating, you can be confident that you, and your home will receive personal and thorough attention by the Jackson LeRoy team. It is important to us to not just be the people who built your home, but to build a relationship of trust which you know you can rely on for years to come.

As you live in, love, and use your homes, it must also be cared for. Jackson LeRoy’s Estate Care services are designed to both help you maintain your home and provide support when it is in need of repair. After you have moved into your home, we will be there to help keep your home functioning and beautiful. As we said, we practice something more than the mere construction of a home. We have created a home building and renovation experience that is driven by service and upheld by our deep care to build fine homes for exceptional people like you.

New Homes


Estate Care

We have the great pleasure of working
with the following firms.


  • Artisans Custom Home Design
  • Babcock Design
  • Baros Design
  • Berg Design Studio
  • Bradford R. Houston Design
  • Clayton Vance Architecture
  • CLB Architects
  • Colton Broadbent Design
  • Habitations Design Group
  • Highland Group
  • Hyrum McKay Bates Design
  • James L. Carroll & Associates
  • Jon Jang
  • Lloyd Architects
  • MGLM Architects
  • Olson Kundig
  • Patrick Ahearn
  • RD Nielson Architecture
  • Renovation Design Group
  • Ron Godwin & Associates
  • Think Architecture
  • Tiek Design Group
  • Upwall Design Architects
  • WOW Atelier

Interior Designers

  • Alice Lane Interior Design
  • AMB Design
  • City Home Collective
  • Denise Glen Interior Design
  • Denton House
  • Doran Taylor
  • Establish Design
  • Fran Design
  • High Design
  • Hillary Taylor Interiors
  • House of Jade Interiors
  • J. Scott Anderson Interior Design
  • KS Studio
  • Leslie Schofield Design
  • Lisman Studio
  • NV Design
  • Maison Design
  • Park & Oak
  • Pradhan Design
  • Rochelle Warner Design
  • Ron Godwin & Associates
  • Roxbury Studios LLC
  • Shauna Spencer Design
  • Simons Design Studio
  • Studio McGee
  • Susanna Holmberg Studios
  • W Design Collective
  • Wendy Smith Designs

Landscape Architects

  • Dan Gordan
  • Emily Brooks Wayment
  • Empress Garden Design
  • Howard Design Studio
  • Kaiser Trabue Landscape Architecture
  • Landform Design Group
  • Northland Design
  • The Urban Garden Company

Precision in every detail

Kinship with all

Smart in every discipline

Driven to create solutions

Proven time tested & true